Workshop and Services for OldTimers

THE solution for your ancestral and sports vehicles!

Mekabox offers a workshop specialized in vintage cars and all the services necessary for their use

The Workshop

Our very complete and professional workshop is located in Brussels and shares its premises in partnership with the showroom of Automeetic, a broker specializing in ancestral vehicles.

Older cars need constant attention and must be regularly maintained, repaired, restored or improved. These are the missions of Mekabox! Its workshop is organized accordingly and can meet these different needs. Its equipment, the professionalism of its service providers, its ability to supply or rebuild all spare parts and to ensure the finishes of paintwork or upholstery make it a true garage of exception!

The Mekabox staff and its managers are all at the base of the ancestral car enthusiasts. Capable thanks to their training, experience and enthusiasm to ensure any mechanical challenge. Mekabox’s multidisciplinary suppliers are carefully selected and complete the scope of the total service offered to our customers

Compliance with origin, respect for old methods and the systematic search for the most authentic solution define our daily actions. We inform our customers in the greatest transparency of the evolution and the choices to be made for the work on the object of their passion. “Do as you would do for yourself” is our watchword!

MEKABOX also has the essential suppliers for “Contests” type renovations, particularly in bodywork and upholstery. And also provides secondary services such as transport, breakdown service, supply of accessories, cleaning, etc…


Mekabox's ambition is to offer the most comprehensive automotive services possible to owners of classic vehicles. Either a complete workshop but also complementary services and accessories

Maintenance- Repairs - Restoration - Improvement

The workshop welcomes and carries out all the operations necessary for your classic cars

Additional services

The following additional services are available at Mekabox: breakdown service, towing, transport, covering, detailling, expertise, technical control

Additional accessories

The following additional accessories are available at Mekabox: Kent maintenance products, standard and custom-made tarpaulins, ancestor-specific chargers, various fluids and anti-theft geolocators

Wide range of spare parts

Mekabox has solutions for the supply of parts for all car models and brands


A team of specialists

High-performance mechanics with experience in vintage vehicles are available

Car repair

A careful service

Our team is driven by a passion for vintage vehicles, which guarantees careful service

Fichier 5

An entirely equipped workshop

The tools, the elevators, the available machines guarantee adapted interventions

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